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Friday, 20 April 2018

Oby Ezekwesili reacts to Femi Adesina's statement that President Buhari never said all Nigerian youths are lazy

Oby Ezekwesili reacts to Femi Adesina

Minister of Education, Oby Ezekwesili, has reacted to Femi Adesina's statement where he said President Buhari never described all Nigerian youths as lazy. According to Adesina, President Buhari said a lot of Nigerian youths are lazy and not all youths. Read Ezekwesili's reaction as shared on her twitter page below
Oby Ezekwesili reacts to Femi Adesina
Oby Ezekwesili reacts to Femi Adesina

''Let’s allow youths to contest elective positions'' VP Yemi Osinbajo says

Vice President Yemi has said young Nigerians should be allowed to run for elective public positions in the country. According to Osinbajo, the youths of Nigeria have the capacity and competence in the fields of technology, education and other sectors of the economy and can do well in any elective position if given the opportunity. He said if the youths are old enough to vote, they should be old enough to run for elective offices.

The vice president stated this when he received a delegation of Not-Too-Young-To-Run campaigners in his office in the presidential villa, Abuja yesterday.

The vice president at the meeting, said that the age of people to run for elective offices is not as important as their competence. He called on the youths to develop their capacities and skills in different areas in order to contribute to leadership, governance and national development.

How a powerful Nigerian Media Man sexually Harrased Me - Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Image result for Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Full Transcription of the Stockholm speech:

Full Transcription of the Stockholm speech:

"When I was 17 years old, I wrote a book of poetry, really bad poetry, that I now hope that nobody will every read, but true to the delusional ambition of youth I thought that this was a wonderful book. In Nigeria, when a book is published, it is customary to have a book launch to introduce the book to the public and so I set about planning a book launch for this terrible book of poems. There was a powerful man in the media who I knew would help with this book launch and so I found my way into his office in Lagos, and I told him about my book. “Would he please support the boo?”I asked.

He was very impressed, he told me. While other teenagers were hardly reading at all, I was serious enough and focused enough to have written a book. He was pleasant, avuncular, warm. And then he got up from his desk, and walked around to where I was seated and stood behind me and in a move that was as swift as it was shocking, he slipped his hand under my buttoned-down shirt, under my bra, and squeezed my breast. I was so taken aback that I did nothing for seconds. Then I pushed his hands away but gently, nicely, because I didn’t want to offend him. Later that day, I broke into a rash on my chest, my neck, my face as though my body were recoiling, as though my body were saying what my lips had not said. I felt a deep loathing for that man and for what he did. I felt as if I didn’t matter, as if my body existed merely as a thing to be done with as he wanted. Yet I told no one about it, and I kept talking to him, being polite, hoping he would help with my book.

I was a feminist long before I knew what the word meant. I didn’t read feminist texts. I just simply watched the world. I knew that the world did not give to women the same dignities that it gave to men. I was aware of how much the socialization of women was focused on men. Don’t wear a mini skirt or a man would rape you. Learn to cook and clean so you can keep a man. Don’t be too ambitious so you don’t intimidate a man. Don’t always say what you really think so that you can protect a man’s ego.

I’ve felt heartened by the #MeToo movement because it means that finally women’s stories are being believed, because there are now real consequences for the men who harass women, because for too long women did not tell their stories because they felt that they would not be believed or that they would somehow be blamed. But much as I am happy about the consequences men now face I increasingly find myself thinking about the women. How do we think about restitution? Is restitution even possible?

I know a woman whose professor at university asked her for sex in order to give her a passing grade. She was very intelligent and very hard working. She turned him down. She was sure he couldn’t possibly give her a failing grade because she would do too well on the exam. But he did give her a failing grade. It was her final year in university in Nigeria. She needed a certain GPA to apply for the job of her dreams, but she didn’t have that GPA because of the failing grade. And today she is an unhappy person, working at a job she dislikes but has to keep because she has to earn a living. Now if that man had not done what he did, what would she have been today, I sometimes wonder. Might she have become a successful and fulfilled person? Because of that man’s action, because of the injustice that this woman faced resentment will always be a part of her life story. How do we measure resentment? How do we measure the complexity of women’s experiences?
We are after all human beings. We are not a collection of logical bones and flesh. We are emotional beings. Our motivations are not easily measurable or easily quantifiable. For me, it is the story, the narrative, that can begin to reach these subtler and necessary parts of women’s experiences. We should change laws that diminish women but changing mindsets is as important. We should enact policy that supports women but changing cultural attitudes is even more important.

Why didn’t I speak up right away about that man in Lagos? Why haven’t I spoken about it until today? It is infuriating to me to hear men and some women who respond to a woman’s story of her harassment with the question why is she coming out now? Or the question why didn’t she report it right away? Why didn’t she do something earlier? And maybe it makes logical sense, the kind of logical, bloodless sense that is completely lacking in context, to immediately report an episode of harassment, but of course the reality of lived experience is very different.

While I’ve been very happy, if happy is a word that one can use about the #MeToo movement, about #MeToo, I’ve also felt concerned about the way it’s been covered in the media and by the abstract language often used in the media. In the US, I would read the news and think “what does sexual misconduct mean exactly?” I wanted the story. I wanted the detail. Because it is storytelling that creates context. It is the story that provides a kind of detail that can educate people. And it seems to me we all need some education in the subject of sexual harassment. It is the story that makes it difficult to silence women. It is storytelling, all of its nuance and all of its complexity, that can make clear the difference between sexual harassment and what isn’t sexual harassment, that can make clear that when sexual harassment happens, it is much about power than it is about sex, and I think it is storytelling that can make clear that women know the difference between what is consensual and what is not.

I was also troubled by how much of the media coverage of women was done in ways that aligned with the tradition of what a woman should be: women crying, women helpless. Yes of course there were women who were crying and helpless, but there were also women who were filled with cold rage. But the media coverage didn’t show that. I feared that it risked infantilizing women and that it aligned with that idea that for a woman to be deserving of sympathy in a subject like sexual harassment, she has to be as non-threatening as possible. I hope that the #MeToo movement would become the beginning of a real revolution, one that would end with women finally, finally being full autonomous human beings in the world.

But there is still so much work to do. It’s wonderful to have laws that expect a father to take time off to care for a new child, which I hear happens in the Scandinavian region. But how does society really think of that man who takes a lot of paternity leave, that man who stays home while the woman works. Do we really see it as completely neutral? Is domestic work really gender neutral? Or do women still do a majority of it? The politics of domestic arrangement matters very much because the discourse around women and work is really about domestic work. If the traditional expectations were not that caregiving and domestic work were primarily for women then there would be no need for us to have conversations about “can a woman have it all?” Because we never speak about whether a man can have it all.

I have a friend who is in an ostensibly equal marriage. Both of them work. Both of them are progressive, but she does most of the childcare, the cooking, and she handles the children’s school arrangements and that sort of thing. And she said she was fine with this until one evening when she realized that her husband did not know where the children’s socks were kept. And that was the moment she felt enraged. But she also said that when he did try to do the housework she sometimes felt uncomfortable or overly grateful or certain that he wouldn’t get it right. And then she’d be full of resentment. How do we measure this insidious and lingering effect of social conditioning that women go through? How do we account for the ways in which societal conditioning holds women back?

Literature is my religion, and I’ve learned from literature that all of us human beings are flawed, and I’ve also learned that all of us have the possibility of redemption. We can remake the world. I believe that. We can remake masculinity. We can change it from this narrow cage that traps men into an inhumane idea. We can expect men to be vulnerable. We can give men the language of emotion. We can teach men to respect the autonomy of women. We can encourage little boys to cry. We can create a world where women can be full sexual beings, where slut shaming never happens, where women face no backlash for being bold, for being angry, or for being aggressive, for being ambitious. We can create a world where there are many women in real positions of power because representation matters. I think Sweden might have started off fairly okay, but there is still a long way to go. There is such a thing as a female Prime Minister, Sweden.

We can make a world where there is no such thing as a pregnancy penalty for a woman who works. We can make a world where we all collectively support those human beings whose bodies do the difficult and physical work of ensuring that the human species does not become extinct. I have a two and a half year old daughter. And I really hope that she lives in a world that is better than the world that I live in. Thank you."

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

Nigeria youths are not lazy, PDP replies Buhari

Image result for pdp

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has repiled President Muhammadu Buhari, stating that Nigerian youths, by their demonstrated industry, cannot in any way be described by anybody as lazy.

A statement signed by the party's National Publicity Secretary Kola Ologbondiyan, read

''Nigerians find it extremely shocking that President Buhari could make such a false, derogatory and unpatriotic comment against our citizens at a time the nation was looking up to him to properly present our potentials to the global business community.

It is alarming that at every international event, the President makes it a favorite past time to de-market, paint and denigrate our dear nation and her citizens in very negative light, an indication that he has stopped believing in Nigeria.

Mr. President’s latest salvo is totally unacceptable and must be condemned by all right-thinking people to avoid further verbal assault against our country, particularly at international fora.

How can President Buhari describe Nigerian youths as lazy, when they have proven, without doubt, to be one of the most industrious sets of individuals across the world?

Here is a President, whose administration has in its three years of governance, contributed nothing towards providing opportunities for our youths and who has not initiated or implemented any development project or set up any industry to provide jobs for our aspiring youths.

Here is a President under whose watch, factories and businesses have shut down resulting in over 24 million job losses and under whom no meaningful foreign direct investment has been attracted to the country.

This is a President who daily watches Nigerian youths sweating on menial jobs under very strenuous conditions on the streets of Abuja, Jos, Lagos, Ibadan, Kano, Kaduna, Maiduguri, Bauchi, Calabar, Port Harcourt, Enugu, Onitsha and other major cities, yet he unsympathetically described them as lazy.

These are the same set of Nigerians who, upon being afforded the right opportunities in other countries of the world, are known to have excelled in various fields of endeavour.

Nigerians can now see that when the PDP accused President Buhari of de-marketing our nation, we were not playing politics. It is however saddening that after de-marketing his own generation, President Buhari is set to destroy the future of younger Nigerians.

We ask, now that President Buhari has gone ahead to denigrate our youths, who form the bulk of our workforce, as lazy and lovers of freebies, how can he expect any foreign investor to bring in investment into our country?

Most disheartening is that these are the same young persons who form the highest demography of voters that put their confidence in him in 2015. Now they are receiving the short end of the stick from the President.

Our final take is that the Buhari Presidency and the All Progressives Congress (APC) have done enough harm to our dear nation and there are no signs that they will change their stance. Nigerians, especially the youths, must therefore spare no thoughts in their resolve to vote them out in 2019''.

Appeal court freezes Governor Ayo Fayose’s account

Image result for crying fayose

A court of appeal sitting in Ado Ekiti has directed the freezing of the account of Ayo Fayose, governor of Ekiti state. The court allowed the appeal filed by EFCC against the judgment of Taiwo Taiwo of federal high court, Ado Ekiti division.

In 2016, a federal high court sitting in Ado Ekiti set aside an earlier order of a federal high court in Lagos empowering the EFCC to freeze two Zenith Bank accounts of Fayose. The court had ordered the EFCC to immediately lift the freeze order on the two accounts belonging to the governor, saying the anti-graft agency did not follow due process.

Taiwo had given the order while delivering his judgment, which lasted more than two hours, in a suit filed by the governor through Mike Ozekhome, his counsel. The judge said the rights of the governor had been infringed upon, considering the circumstance of his office.
He declared that apart from the immunity which Fayose currently enjoys as a sitting governor under section 308 of the constitution, it was wrong for EFCC to freeze his two accounts in apparent perpetuity without first investigating him or making him a party.

He described Fayose as “a genuinely deprived person who rushed to the court to seek constitutional protection”. The judge said it was also the duty of any presiding judge to protect the said constitution and its interpretations whenever the need arose.

“The plaintiff is entitled to be heard before his property or money can be seized; doing otherwise will amount to denying him fair hearing and constitutional rights,” he said.

Meghan Markle makes history by becoming the first ever royal fiancee to speak at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting

Meghan Markle makes history by becoming the first ever royal fiancee to speak at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting
Prince Harry's fiancee, Meghan Markle has made history by becoming the first royal fiancee to speak at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting.
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry attended the Commonwealth Youth Forum in London on Wednesday, where they met young delegates from across Britain’s Commonwealth countries. 

Meghan Markle makes history by becoming the first ever royal fiancee to speak at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting
Markle’s attendance at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting is unprecedented in royal history. Royal fiancĂ©es don’t usually take part in this particular week, but Markle has been asked to participate in royal engagements often.

Meghan Markle makes history by becoming the first ever royal fiancee to speak at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting

For the event, Markle wore a dress by Altuzarra, a blazer by Camilla and Marc, as well as a cross-body bag.

Meghan Markle makes history by becoming the first ever royal fiancee to speak at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting
Meghan Markle makes history by becoming the first ever royal fiancee to speak at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting
Meghan Markle makes history by becoming the first ever royal fiancee to speak at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting
Meghan Markle makes history by becoming the first ever royal fiancee to speak at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting
Meghan Markle makes history by becoming the first ever royal fiancee to speak at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting

In 10-months, Lagos State recorded 138 domestic violence cases against men

The Lagos State Domestic Violence and Sexual Violence Response Team today said it received 138 cases of domestic violence against men from May 2017 to March 2018.

Adeniji Kazeem, Lagos State Attorney-General and Commissioner for Justice, made the disclosure at the 2018 Ministerial Press Briefing to mark three years in office of Governor Akinwunmi Ambode.

Kazeem noted that 30 cases against men were reported from May 2016 to April 2017. He said that a total number of 1,771 cases of domestic and sexual violence were reported during the period under review. 

He advised members of the public to dial the helpline – #6820# to report cases of violence for prompt and appropriate action. On the Lagos State DNA and Forensic Centre, established in September 2017, Kazeem said that the centre had received 316 inquiries and had over 71 active cases bothering on homicide, rape, toxicology, child trafficking, serology and others. 

He said that the Special Task Force Against Land Grabbers received 1,300 petitions out of which 855 were concluded and 530 pending. ”In the period under review, 35 suspected land grabbers were arrested and 26 criminal prosecution cases are ongoing,” he said. 

The commissioner said that the Special Offences Court (Mobile Court) recorded an increase in the number of offenders arraigned in the period under review compared to the figure of the previous year. He said that 8,380 offenders were arraigned in the period under review for parking on walkways and yellow lines, use of BRT lanes, hanging on tailboard of moving vehicles, driving against traffic and some other offences.

Kazeem said that the Office of the Public Offender received 4,282 petitions to provide legal aid to residents especially the less privileged and the vulnerable. He said that 2,264 of the petitions had been concluded while others were still at various stages of review, investigation and conclusion. 

According to him, through the efforts of the office, N5.7 million was received on behalf of petitioners. ”The office also took up cases of 262 inmates at Badagry, Kirikiri and Ikoyi Prisons while five children, who were discovered at Ikoyi Prison, were transferred to appropriate homes and eventually released from custody,” he said. 

The commissioner said that the Rapid Tax Prosecution Unit of the state, in collaboration with the state Internal Revenue Service, ensured that tax payers complied with tax laws. He said that the unit filed 327 cases at the high court, prosecuted tax defaulters and generated over N107 million for the state government. 

He also said that the Citizens’ Mediation Centre, saddled with the responsibility of providing free legal services to residents, received 47,292 cases during the period under review, out of which 25,191 cases had been resolved. According to him, the centre achieved settlement of debt-related matters between parties in the sum of N1.4 billion within the period under review. 

The commissioner said that 2,249 offenders were sentenced to community service for various offences, and that the sentences were served in various public institutions. He said that no fewer than 40 inmates who, had spent from 20 years to 34 years in custody, were released by Gov. Akinwunmi Ambode based on recommendation of the Advisory Council on Prerogative of Mercy.e to Google+

National Assembly tightens security following Mace theft

Today, security was beefed up at the National Assembly complex after Wednesday’s invasion of the Senate by some hoodlums, who made away with the mace.

According to the News Agency of Nigeria, the deployment of heavily-armed security personnel at the complex, who were conducting serious search of vehicles entering the premises.

Also, an additional checkpoint was mounted at the entrance of the Three Arms Zone, near the Federal Secretariat, with heavy presence of policemen monitoring movement around the area. The doors to Senate Wing lobby, which were hitherto often open were closed and manned by security officers, who ensured that those who walked through the area were properly identified.

An official of Sergeant-At-Arms Unit, who pleaded anonymity, told NAN that henceforth, nobody would be allowed to evade security checks even when in the company with a legislator. The source disclosed that those who invaded the assembly on Wednesday made their way into the Senate chamber because they were in company with a lawmaker and were not properly checked.

He said “going forward, anybody entering the complex must go through proper security check irrespective of whose company they might be or their mission.’’ Officials of Sergeant-At-Arms’ unit insisted that people displayed their identity cards and those without identity were not allowed into the complex.3-year-old girl accidentally shoots her pregnant mom while playing with father's loaded gun

A 3-year-old girl accidentally shot and wounded her pregnant mother whi ...

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Rapper Vokalen Okafor, returns with hit single- Move

ChukwuEbuka Vincent Jeffrey Okafor (born Nov29) better known by his stage na ...

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"Thank you for giving my life a meaning." Adekunle Gold celebrates Simi on her birthday

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Actor/ex-BBA star, Uti Nwachukwu, says Ceec will grow into a better person after leaving the #BBNaija house

Posting this photo of the #BBNaija housemate on his IG page, Uti wrote; ...

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Nigerian coach and two athletes disappear at the Commonwealth Games in Australia

It seems to be becoming a habit for African athletes to travel to Western co ...

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Gunmen abduct Catholic priest in Edo State

Unknown gunmen on Wednesday kidnapped Rev. Fr. Edwin Omorogbe, of St. Paul&# ...

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This piece of history about Senator Ovie Omo-Agege who allegedly led thugs to steal mace will leave you stunned

Suspended member of the senate, Ovie Omo-Agege who allegedly led a group of ...

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Check out beautiful Nigerian five generations photos of daughter, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother and great-great-granddaughter

This is indeed a rare privilege. Nigerian mother of one, Miriam Davou Ako to ...

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Troops successfully repel attack by armed Fulani bandits in Taraba State, capture one

Troops of 101 Special Forces Battalion deployed in Exercise AYEM AKPATUMA on Wednesday, 18 April, while on patrol to Zamban village in Suntai Local Government Area of Taraba state successfully repelled an attack by armed Fulani bandits.

A statement issued by the Director Army Public Relations in Wednesday, Texas Chukwu, says one of the bandits was captured during the encounter.

The suspect is presently under going interrogation. Items recovered include:

a. One AK 47 Rifle.

b. One Pump Action Rifle

c. Three Dane Guns

d. One Round of 7.62mm Special.

e.36 Cartridges.

f. Three Cutlasses.

g. One Jack Knife.

h. One Mobile Phone among others.o WhatsAppShare to Google+

President Buhari's government is worst in education funding – ASUU

The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) has warned that the stifling of education funding under the Muhammadu Buhari government is preparing the country for a greater future doom.

It stated that the nonchalant attitude of the Buhari-led government to education appears to be the worst in the history of Nigeria with about 7 percent allocation to Education.

Chairman, University of Ibadan branch of ASUU, Dr. Deji Omole, who stated this on Monday in an interview with journalists, noted that the failure to vote enough money to public varsity education is already causing gradual crisis of confrontation between University administration and students in some parts of the country.

Omole said, “It will be difficult to have a citizen that will love the country in the future if the current trend of abandoning the poor while taking care of the rich continues. While each senators is paid N13.5million as running cost per month the same Senate appropriated a paltry sum of N66million for capital projects for University of Ibadan with students population of about 30,000.

“This can only happen where the ruling class lacks vision like Nigeria. This same government refuses to drop a kobo for the revitalization of public universities. Now many children of the masses are denied access because universities cannot admit beyond what the dilapidated infrastructure can take. Yet their parents cannot afford private university. the federal government is owing about N800billion revitalization funds to public varsities as contained in the agreements with ASUU.”

The ASUU, who vowed that the union will oppose any plan to force children of the masses out of school by imposing on them dues that are the duties of federal government, asserted that the ruling APC has performed poorly in Education.

According to him, the United States of America that members of the elite takes their children to funds her public varsities because the USA is interested in bridging the gap between the rich and the poor, and knows the negative implication of having a growing pool of illiterates as we have in Nigeria.

Omole maintained that the Buhari government has paid lip service to public education but prefers to pacify militants and terrorists.

The ASUU chairman stated that while the masses are groaning in hardship, the political class have increased their number and stored enough money taken from the collective patrimony in preparation for the 2019 general elections.

"Mr President, I'm not a lazy person. I have handwork" - Male graduate who makes snacks tells Buhari

Emmanuel Chibuzor Okeke, a graduate of Plateau State Polytechnic has counted himself out from those President Buhari refers to as 'lazy'

He shared photos of the pastries he makes, including Chin-chin and wrote:

"Mr President,
My name is Emmanuel Chibuzor Okeke and I'm Not a Lazy person. I've handwork.
M-H-M. Muscle Hustle Money"

45 Officers who arrested Evans get special promotion by Police Service Commision

Yesterday, the Police Service Commission (PSC) said that 45 officers who participated in the successful arrest of notorious kidnap kingpin, Evans, have been granted special promotion.

A statement by Ikechukwu Ani, a spokesperson for the PSC, said the promotions were ratified yesterday at a plenary presided over by Mike Okiro, chairman of the commission.

Thirteen of the officers were promoted in acting capacity because they weren’t eligible for substantive promotion, the PSC said. The promotions come a year after Evans was arrested in Lagos alongside over 20 suspected members of his gang. The police have been widely hailed for the operation, which has been described as one of their highest points in recent years. The statement read:

"The Police Service Commission has approved special promotion of forty five police officers and acting appointments for another 13 officers who played major roles in the arrest of Chukwudumuje Onuoamadike, aka Evans, a notorious kidnapper and 21 Members of his gang.

The commission took the decision today, Thursday, April 19th, 2018, at its 27th Plenary Meeting which began in Abuja on Tuesday, April 17th, 2018 and presided over by the Chairman of the commission, Sir Dr. Mike Mbama Okiro, a retired Inspector General of Police. The promotion and acting appointments were based on the superlative performance of the officers in the arrest of the deadly gang who terrorized Nigerians.

The officers are of the Intelligence Response Team, (IRT), Special Tactical Squad (STS) and Technical Intelligence Unit under the direct supervision and coordination of the IGP Monitoring Unit at the Force Headquarters Abuja. "The promotion and acting appointments were also necessitated by the need to match rank with schedules of duty either being performed or to be performed by the officers and for their acts of gallantry and courage exhibited in the course of duty.

#LazyNigerianYouths: We are always great at pointing out our issues - Banky W reacts to President Buhari's speech

#LazyNigerianYouths:?We are always great at pointing out our issues - Banky W reacts to President Buhari

Like many other Nigerians, Banky W is appalled by Presiden Buhari's speech at the Commonwealth where he described the youths as 'Lazy'.

According to the R&B singer, 'we are always great at pointing out our issues.. but the truth is that we can sit around and complain from now until Kingdom come. IT WILL NOT MATTER. INEC will not count your tweets. Let's turn the month of May into #PVCMay'.

Read his ful post below...
So apparently, this is what our President thinks about the Nigerian youth. 
What do you guys think?

I have a suggestion. Whether you agree, or disagree with the President's comments, this time, do a little bit more than posting, commenting, retweeting, and complaining. Go and register to vote.

I've sat in countless meetings, seminars, conferences and hangouts with young people. We are always great at pointing out our issues.. but the truth is that we can sit around and complain from now until Kingdom come. IT WILL NOT MATTER. INEC will not count your tweets. Let's turn the month of May into #PVCMay. 

Even if you don't know who you're voting for.. even if you hate every single candidate. At least register.. so that if someone comes along who you feel compelled to support, you can. 
If you're really serious about wanting Nigeria to be a better place, go and register to vote. Get your PVC asap. The registration period will end LONG before the elections come, so if you think you can wait until next year, you are wrong.

Get your PVC today. Or don't bother complaining about anything, because it won't matter. Your tweets will not count. Your vote will.

Days after Offa robbery, two policemen killed as robbers attack First Bank in Ekiti State (Graphic photos)

Days after many people lost their lives and scores got injured in the Offa robbery incident, two mobile Police officers were killed In a fresh Bank Robbery In Ekiti State today.

According to reports, the two policemen were killed when a gang of armed robbers attacked a First Bankbranch in Ifaki Ekiti this afternoon.

Details of the operation is still sketchy.

Thursday, 19 April 2018

Buhari’s Presidential Diarrhea

The frequent leaking mouth of Nigeria’s president Buhari has become a cause for serious concern as he frequently makes statements about Nigeria that are tantamount to self-immolation. The most annoying aspect of the presidential diarrhea is that the ailment troubles him the most especially when he is on a global stage. It seems to me that seeing the accomplishments of other nations intimidates Nigeria’s president Buhari and “inspires” him to make utterances that are not in the best interest of his nation. A president shouldn’t make excuses for his failures neither should he heap the blame of unproductivity on the teaming Nigerian youth that made his emergence as President possible.

Quoting President Buhari, he impudently declared, “About the economy, we have a very young population, our population is estimated conservatively to be 180 million. This is a very conservative one, more than 60 percent of the population is below 30, a lot of them haven’t been to school and they are claiming that Nigeria is an oil producing country, therefore, they should sit and do nothing, and get housing, healthcare, education free.”

As erroneous as his declarations are, if 60 percent of 180 million Nigerians are under 30 who are unschooled dependents who hope on oil shouldn’t that be a cause for major concern for the Presidency. If 60 percent of young Nigerians are unemployed that means that the national work for has been greatly impaired. This is 2018, three years after the emergence of President Buhari he impudently made this declaration it is also a verdict on the misplacement of priority by his administration and it further lends credence to the fact that his administration has done nothing in the area of job creation and education. Additionally, his declaration contradicts the pronouncements of Nigeria’s minister of labour and productivity, Chris Ngige who recently declared in January that Buhari created over 8 million jobs in less than 3 Years. He further buttressed his point by declaring that farming, carpentry, bricklaying, tiling and many others constitute the blue collar jobs which the federal government was now using to redeem youths from joblessness occasioned by lack of white collar jobs. While the minister of labour passed a verdict on Buhari’s inability to create white collar jobs for the teaming population of Nigerian youth President Buhari has gone further to even repudiate the credit given to his administration by his labour minister by declaring that 60 percent of Nigerians who are under 30 are unschooled and idly depending on oil. This lends credence to the popular belief that liar cannot be consistent with his lies which will often lead to contradicting statements.

President Buhari must know that he is not just a municipal president of Nigeria but our number one ambassador cum diplomat in the international community hence he should exercise caution by speaking with knowledge when the radar is on Nigeria.

I watched a recent video broadcast where the President of Ghana, Nana Akufo-Addo sternly cleared the air on the rumored intent of the United States of America to establish a military base in Ghana. His speech evoked patriotism and love for Ghana. He stated that the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ghana will never be compromised, he also pledged to uphold and build on the gains of their past leaders. That is how a President should talk. A president’s speech should inspire confidence in the hearts and the minds of his people especially in the diaspora. You don’t make speeches that frustrates and infuriates the citizens of your country in the comity of nations.

Nigerians not just the youths demand an immediate apology from President Buhari.

Written by Nnamdi Abana




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