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Thursday, 18 January 2018

Pregnant woman shot by operative of Nigerian Customs Service

A pregnant woman, identified as Olugunna Bukola was, on Thursday, shot by operatives of the Nigeria Customs Service at the Iyana-Iyesi, Ota, Ogun State. 

Bukola, a staff of IBEDC, Ota, was allegedly shot by the NCS operatives attached to the Federal Operation Unit (FOU) Ikeja, around 7.45a.m. while on her way to the office.

She was hit by bullets on her back and the left side of her body, when the customs officials were on the pursuit of rice smugglers in the area. Bukola was later rushed to a nearby hospital for medical treatment.

The customs official who shot her was later arrested by policemen attached to Obasanjo Farm police station and later taken to Sango Police Station.

The Public Relations Officer (PRO) of Ogun State Customs Area Command, Abdullahi Maiwada, however, confirmed the incident and said the woman was only brushed by stray bullets and not hit, adding that she is responding to treatment.

Singer Sunny Ade shows off his 5 wives

Ebonyi state shutdown schools in the state over Lassa Fever outbreak

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Ebonyi state government has shut down all private, government and mission schools in the state following the out break of Lassa Fever in the state.

Two health workers, a nurse and a doctor, have died after contracting the disease form their patients.

The State Commissioner for Education, Prof John Eke, announced the closure of the schools in a statement released from his office this morning. Eke says the decision was taken following a mother and her child who tested positive to the disease yesterday.

He added that to ensure the safety of the lives of school children in the state, the schools will remain closed till Friday next week and warned parents to be mindful of who they relate with and ensure that they keep their environment clean.

Lassa fever is an acute viral haemorrhagic illness of 2-21 days duration that occurs in West Africa. The Lassa virus is transmitted to humans via contact with food or household items contaminated with rodent urine or faeces.

"If they used Boko Haram to upturn our administration, we will use fulani herdsmen to confuse him" - Otunba Biodun Ajiboye writes in support of Buhari

Former IT consultant cum politician, Otunba Biodun Ajiboye has just shared a lengthy piece on Facebook in defence of President Buhari concerning the Fulani herdsmen menace.

According to him, 'the perverted narrative is simply orchestrated by the opposition and political enemies of Buhari to say because he is a Fulani man he is silent and allow Fulani's to kill innocent Tivs, this is most unfortunate'.

Read his full piece below...

It is no longer news that our media has been infiltrated and polluted by technology mixed with psychosocial dynamism called social media, everyone that has a phone today is a reporter and everyone that can scholarly put an essay together becomes a writer, this has brought in so much confusion into our National information management and public communication, this same confusion has gotten our official information managers frustrated, since this government doesn't appear to be able to match even opposition in the area of investment In Information Technology. It leaves a bitter taste in the mouth.

Permit me to make it clear that I have no apologies putting this issue on its right and proper perception. We need not join the bandwagon to condemn an action we do not understand deeply. We need to solve these problems before we get totally hijacked. Cultivating the attitude of restraint is a great virtue and responsibility on our part as citizens which is fast becoming most crucial to us as a country.

We need to know that politicians and detractors who detest Buhari are forever seeking opportunities to discredit him, they reasoned, "if they used the BOKO HARAM to upturn our Government, their government of 2014, we will use the Fulani herdsmen to confuse him", that is the conspiracy. Let's go back to history as of background to understand how long we have been dealing with the issue of herdsmen menace.

The last administration battled so hard with this same problem and there were series of interventions and research in respect of the herdsmen's grazing issue. A lot of studies by different agencies have proffered different solutions over the years.

President Goodluck Jonathan in 2014 inaugurated an Inter-ministerial technical committee on grazing reserves, tasked with proposing strategies for ending the herdsmen crisis. Gabriel Suswan (PDP), Former Governor of Benue state (Benue has always been the hot spot hence the choice of Suswan) was appointed by GEJ to head the political committee on Grazing Reserves. The committee got to work and the final reports recommended recovery of all grazing routes encroached upon by farmers and recommended that CBN be mandated to release N100 billion to the 36 states for construction of ranches.

The National Economic Council, NEC under President Jonathan approved this recommendation and thereafter the Central Bank actually released the N100 billion. 
Having released the funds to the state Governors, one expected that they would have done the needful, the State Governors took the money but none of them constructed the ranches. That being the case, the root cause of the problem not far-fetched.

Upon the realisation of seeming fraud on the part of the Governors, the House of Reps set up a committee to investigate reports of looted funds by the Governors and give their reports within 4 weeks to the house in plenary, one will would need to ask the Governor of Sokoto what happened to the investigations and its reports, since he was the speaker of the House of representatives, the public was kept in a limbo, as if there was no report being expected.

The current APC government thereafter followed up on the earlier ranching plan formulated by the Jonathan government (which N100 billion was released to the governors for) and in 2016 presented a plan to the Nigeria Governors forum to map out grazing areas in all states as a temporary solution to the herdsmen crisis, amazingly, central and southern states opposed the plan, hence it was indeed a great set back.

It is instructive to understand and appreciate that those who received money to solve such bloody perennial problems and made away should be made to account for the bloodshed, the blood of the innocent should be on them, perhaps a clarion call on the EFCC to take a deep look at this heinous negligence of National Responsibility. Again as this genocide happened where over 55 people were murdered in cold blood, same politicians that caused and sponsored the carnage are now still attempting to pass the buck.

We need to come together to disallow the politicians play politics with the matter of our lives, for them at all times it is about politics of election and not about developing our land.

We are not anymore surprised how they have blamed Buhari for all the disaster, this is where politics of misgivings come to play, they have hijacked the whole saga to play like Buhari's negligence.

The perverted narrative is simply orchestrated by the opposition and political enemies of Buhari to say because he is a Fulani man he is silent and allow Fulani's to kill innocent Tivs, this is most unfortunate,

At the wake of this crisis, Buhari met with Former Gov. George Akume and Barnabas Gemade to find out the cause of this current crisis on Sunday 7th Jan, by the 8th of Jan. he met with the Governor of Benue, shortly after which he ordered the IGP to relocate to the scene of the crisis, which he has since done, .. In one of the meetings, Buhari acknowledged the love the Tivs and Benue people have shown him and how emotional he is about their plight. The president set up a committee of Governors of Kaduna, Benue, Niger, plateau as headed by the minister of interior to further look at this crisis.

Buhari personally again mandated his close ally, Sen. Abu Ibrahim to go with the senators to see and give him First-hand information. From Information gathered , the criminals are not the traditional Fulanis that have lived in the same communities for hundreds of years. 
These perpetrators are sponsored to cause mayhem and whoever is behind this shall be brought to book, the president vowed. 

Buhari seems to have finally scheduled to meet the Benue leaders on Monday 15th January. 
National Emergency Maintenance Agency, NEMA has equally been mandated to take charge of palliatives to assuage the loss of the bereaved. The president equally dispatched a battalion as against the rumour making the rounds that the president folded his arms and looked on while his kinsmen killed the Benue people... 

Furthermore, the President is reported to be meeting the Fulani groups to make them understand the meaning and importance of order and caution against reckless statements. 
All hands are now on deck to permanently resolve this problem, it has suddenly become a threat in our polity, the government has seen why it has to look beyond the communality nature of the crisis, it has indeed been infiltrated.

It is shocking to learn however that the arrested members of the killing squad neither spoke Fulani nor Hausa, that convinced everyone that this menace was no longer that of communal clash nor Fulani herdsmen as many won't believe. Again this has not exonerated the Fulani from the menace of the past in the area of cattle destroying farmlands of people, the argument of the people against the Fulani is simply that the menace is unbearable, Government must find a lasting solution.

West Africa is witnessing an unprecedented influx of arms, particularly Nigeria. The fleeing members of the Boko Haram are settling somewhere still Causing havoc. We must secure our Nation. The time is now.

Charity gives boy with frozen hair just £900 of £56,000 raised for him

The boy whose pictured went viral when his hair got frozen on his long walk to school (read here) has been given £900 despite people donating £56,000 to him after his picture was shared online.

Wang Fuman, a primary school pupil in Yunnan, China, was dubbed "Frost Boy" after his photo went viral, had a total of 500,000 yuan (£56,335) raised for him. But there is a row over the handling of the cash after only 8,000 yuan (£900) reached his family.

Zhaotong Youth Development Foundation has said that the rest of the money would go to other less-fortunate pupils in the region. The teacher who took the photo of Wang said it generally takes the child more than an hour to make the 2.8-mile journey from his home to the school. And there are other kids like him known as the "left-behind children" - kids whose parents work in cities while their children stay behind in the village with siblings and grandparents.

Photos: Ex-APGA chairman, Victor Umeh, sworn in as Senator

Former chairman of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), Victor Umeh, has been sworn in as the senator representing Anambra central. Umeh took over from Uche Ekwunife who was sacked by the appeal court following an appeal brought to it by Umeh. The court ordered a rerun election which took place on Saturday January 13th.

At the election that took place in six local governments, Umeh polled 64, 878 votes, defeating the All Progressives Congress (APC) candidate who came second with 975 votes.

He was sworn into the senate this morning.

‘Handshake Across the Niger’: How IPOB members caused stir in Enugu summit

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Members of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, on Thursday caused a serious stir at the ‘Handshake Across the Niger’ summit held in Enugu.
The summit, which had earlier progressed without hitch, witnessed an uproar as soon as the President-General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo harped on restructuring.
Nwodo’s demand for restructuring was greeted with loud disenchanted voices from the pro-Biafra agitators.
The Ohanaeze President while recognizing their freedom of expression in a democracy, said such must be done in a civilized manner.
This is as an array of Biafra apologists, who had stormed the summit in their numbers, disrupted his speech with a shout of “No, No, we want Biafra not restructuring; IPOB are not terrorists, herdsmen are terrorists; Nnamdi Kanu we know, who are you?”
The women among the pro-Biafra agitators, to the shock of guests, pulled off their top wears, leaving only brazier, as a way of driving home their point.
It took several minutes for the organizers to calm them down, with an assurance that they would be allowed to present their case formally to the summit.
Chairman of the local organizing committee of the summit, Chief Ifeanyi Ubah, former aviation minister, Femi Fani-Kayode and several others moved straight to the area where the IPOB members were seated and made efforts to pacify them.
Ubah, who later apologized to the guests over the uproar, ‎appealed to the IPOB members to remain calm as one of them would be invited to make a presentation.
They continued pro-Nnamdi Kanu chants outside the venue, while insisting that they would not accept anything as alternative to Biafra.

HURIWA calls for immediate release of Dasuki, El-zakzaky, seeks Nnamdi Kanu’s whereabouts

The Human Rights Writers Association of Nigeria, HURIWA, has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to released the incarcerated leader of Islamic Movement in Nigeria, IMN, Sheikh Ibrahim El-Zakzaky, his wife, and a former National Security Adviser, NSA, Col. Dasuki Sambo, (rtd).
The group lamented that apart from overlooking court rulings by the current administration, the killing of innocent Nigerians and armless farmers by Fulani herdsmen, had also been treated with kids’-gloves.
HURIWA also condemned the killings and continuous suppression of civil protesters of the IMN, calling for the release of their leader and his wife, by armed security forces.
The group also seeks to know the whereabouts of the leader of the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra, IPOB, and his family members.
In a statement signed by the National Coordinator of HURIWA, Comrade Emmanuel Onwubiko and the National Media Affairs Director Miss Zainab Yusuf, the group said, “Nigeria under the current dispensation has increasingly being made to look like the undemocratic and unconstitutional Republic of Nigeria by the President Muhammadu Buhari administration.
“Whilst the armed Fulani herdsmen are engaging in coordinated violence across many States and carrying out Ethnic genocides, armed security forces are busy arresting the families of the victims who have mobilised themselves to stop further attacks since the heads of security forces are siding with the suspected armed Fulani herdsmen. These senseless scenarios can only play out in a Banana Republic.”
HURIWA also called for the immediate release from detention of over two years of the Dasuki who is being extra-judicially detained despite obtaining two local court orders from Federal High Courts of Nigeria and the Economic Community of West African Court of HUMAN RIGHTS (ECOWAS COURT).
The Rights group also expressed consternation over the growing list of disappearances of the now proscribed indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB) who were allegedly whisked away to unknown detention dungeons by various segments of the armed security forces for months without trial in the competent courts of law.
Similarly, the Rights group has carpeted Federal government functionaries including President Muhammadu Buhari, Inspector General of Police Mr. Ibrahim Kpodum Idris, Minister of Agriculture and Internal Affairs, Audu Ogbeh and Lt. Gen. Abdulrahaman Danbazau (rtd) for pandering to the whims of armed Fulani herdsmen by contemplating the deployment of public resources to promote private businesses of cattle rearing by establishing the illegal cattle colonies in parts of Nigeria.
HURIWA said by the provisions of the land use Act recognized by the constitution only state governors and Houses of Assemblies have powers over land allocations in their states even as the Rights group charged the Federal Government to stop dining and wining with suspected mass murderers but to order the armed security forces to deal decisively with terrorists and bring the full weight of the law on the mass killers masquerading as Fulani herdsmen.
The Rights group said it was unconstitutional, that instead of arresting, prosecuting and sending the convicted killers to firing squads for their horrendous crimes against humanity, government officials are debating on measures to reward the armed Fulani herdsmen with the juicy landed assets in the name of cattle colonies at public costs even when the forceful or pretentious confiscation of ancestral landed assets and donation to Fulani herdsmen in strange communities is capable of igniting long lasting asymmetric civil wars.
HURIWA said the decision to pander to the whims and caprices of armed Fulani herdsmen through awards of landed assets to be dispossessed by government from their lawful owners is a violation of the constitutional oath of office sworn to by the President who is Fulani not to let his private affairs to interfere with his official functions.
HURIWA referred President Buhari to the seventh schedule of the 1999 constitution which is the oath of office in which he swore as follows: “That I will abide by the Code of Conduct contained in the fifth schedule to the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria; that in all circumstances, I will do right to all manner of people, according to law, without fear or favour, affection or ill-will; that I will not directly or indirectly communicate or reveal to any person any matter which shall be brought under my consideration or shall become known to me as President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, except as may be required for the due discharge of my duties as President; and that I will devote myself to the service and well-being of the people of Nigeria”.
HURIWA therefore was of the opinion that President Buhari apart from directing armed security forces to decisively crush armed Fulani insurgency should declare the union of Fulani herdsmen as a terrorist organization and also ensure that all those who killed Nigerians have their days in courts of law to avoid the institutionalization of impunity.
On the illegally detained Nigerians such as Sambo Dasuki, El-Zakzaky, his wife and thousands of members of the hurriedly proscribed IPOB, HURIWA demanded their immediate release and the conduct of audits of all detention facilities by stakeholders and the legislature.

Nollywood filmmaker &Producer Chukwuka Emelionwu Dies In Fatal Accident

Nollywood filmmaker, Chukwuka Emelionwu popularly known as Kasvid, has died. He died in a fatal accident yesterday January 17th, along Oraukwu, on his way to his village in Anambra state.

He is the owner of the famous Kas-Vid Pictures. May his soul rest in peace.

Senator Dino Melaye condemns Buhari's complacent attitude towards the Benue crisis

Senator Dino Melaye yesterday tackled President Buhari over the Benue state killings. In his debate on the floor of the Senate, Dino accused President Buhari and the Presidency of treating the attacks by herdsmen with kids glove. Watch a video of him speaking on the issue on the floor of the Senate below:

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Okada man slumps after he was allegedly kicked by a policeman in Onitsha (photos)

According to reports online, an Okada rider slumped after he was allegedly kicked by a policeman trying to extort him in Onitsha, Anambra state.

The policeman was said to have tried to revive the motorcyclist when the incident began to draw the attention of passersby. More photos below...

Armed robber who disguises as a mad man arrested with live tortoise, POS, ATM cards and tokens

A suspected robber, Olayinka Ogundamiro, 25, who allegedly disguised as a mad person, has been arrested by the Lagos state police at Anifowoshe, Ikeja Along, Lagos State.

He was caught on Monday, 15th Jan 2018 with two bags which contained a live tortoise, POS, tokens, Tecno phone, a toy gun, a laptop charger, wrist watches, bangles and chains.

While speaking to Journalist, My Ogundamiro described himself as a Rastafarian and insisted that he wasn't a mad man. 

''Senators can’t confront President Buhari on killings because they want to be re-elected'' Senator Shehu Sani says

Senator Shehu Sani who represents Kaduna central in the Senate, yesterday accused his colleagues of not confronting President Buhari over the recent killings in Nigeria because they want to be re-elected in 2019. Senator Sani who is very outspoken, said this while speaking on the floor of the senate yesterday January 16th.

“It has reached a point today that people have lost hope in the government . We are here trying to massage the ego than tell the truth. We don’t want to confront the presidency and the president because people want to come back to the 9th senate. They do not want to lose their ticket and people are killed in this country. I am very sorry.

''Something I like with the presidency, when it comes to the issue of directing attack to the national assembly, they don’t in anyway curtail, reduce or suppress any of the missiles. When it comes to our turn, they point their finger to where the problem is. You see some form of cowardice, escapism, and people try to water down the truth. In the report that was represented before us, federal government was mentioned about seven and we are all part of the federal government. The security of country is under the control of the commander in chief. Why are you shying away? We are calling on the president to wake up and stand up and protect this country.”

Speaking further, he said 

“Some few days ago, I saw the leaders and elders from Benue in the villa. You are bereaved and your people are killed. The villa should go to Benue not Benue going to villa. Governors that are supposed to be chief executive of the states are every day and every week leaving their post to the villa to go and endorse the president. I think we should tell ourselves the truth. Things are not going right in this country. We are failing, people are dying in their thousands.”

How To End Violent Clashes Between Farmers And Herdsmen - Femi Falana writes

Nigerian Lawyer and human rights activist, Femi Falana has just written an interesting piece on how to end the lingering violent clashes between farmers and herdsmen in Nigeria.

Read Below...

Following the tragic killing of 73 people during the violent attack on Logo and Guma in Benue State January 1, 2018, Chief Paul Unongo, a former minister had accused former Vice President Atiku Abubakar of masterminding the crisis since he is a patron of Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association. Although Alhaji Abubakar promptly denied the allegation and threatened to institute a libel suit in court the governors of Nasarawa and Plateau states, Governors Tanko Al-Makura and Simon Lalong respectively, have publicly blamed their Benue state colleague, Governor Samuel Ortom for the tragic killing. As far as both governors are concerned, it was the enactment of the Open Grazing Prohibition Law of Benue state which provoked the violent attack.

But the two chief executives did not explain the basis of the reckless killing of farmers in Benue state before the enactment of the law or the incessant killing of hundreds of farmers by herdsmen in other states of the federation. In fact, after the Benue incident, not less than 10 people have been killed by herdsmen in Kaduna state. Apart from the fact that Kaduna state has no anti grazing law Governor Nasir El-Rufai once announced that he had paid an undisclosed sum of money to the herdsmen to stop further killing of unarmed farmers in the state! Even Governor Ortom has not been left out of the blame game. In his presentation to the visiting Senate Ad Hoc Committee on Security the governor said that the authorities in Abuja should be held liable for the crisis for ignoring several warnings of the impending attack. However, upon realizing the futility of blaming the Benue state government over the tragic incident, Governor Lalong has displayed maturity by apologizing for his comments.

But in his reaction to the tragic incident in Benue State, the Emir of Kano, Alhaji Sanusi Lamido Sanusi and Patron of Miyeti Allah alleged that over 800 Fulani people were brutally killed by ethnic militias in Taraba state in one weekend last year. In denying the allegation the Taraba state government has said that in the violent clash which occurred between the Fulani and Mambilla people in Sadauna last year “both sides suffered casualties and the figure of death from both sides put together was nothing close to genocide.” With respect, the revered Emir ought not to have waited for the killing of 73 people in Benue state before crying out over what he has described as “these acts of ethnic cleansing” by some influential people in Taraba state. We ought to have built a nation whereby the killing of every citizen is viewed as an assault on our collective humanity.

On that note, the Taraba state government and the Nigeria Police Force should ensure the prosecution of all persons indicted by the Justice Nuhu Adi commission of inquiry which investigated the crisis and has since submitted its report to Governor Darius Ishiaku. However, in moments of ethno-religious crises, traditional rulers, political office holders and religious leaders and should desist from making inflammatory statements which are capable of aggravating violence in the society. It is high time the political elite stopped the practice of blaming the victims of injustice in the land. Since the federal government has a legal duty to protect the life and property of every citizen it has failed to put an end to the perennial violent conflicts between farmers and cattle herdsmen which have needlessly claimed many lives and destruction of properties worth several billions of Naira in many states of the federation.

The official negligence of the federal government cannot be justified because, as far back as May 2016, the authorities in Abuja had rightly decided to establish ranches in line with modern practice in civilized countries. The plan was announced by the Minister of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Chief Audu Ogbe at a public hearing organized by the Senate Committees on Agriculture, and National Security and Intelligence on May 3, 2016. On that occasion, the Minister of State, Agriculture, Honourable Heineken Lokpobiri, who represented Chief Audu Ogbe said that as a result of climate change resulting from global warming and desertification, herdsmen had no option than to migrate southwards to find pastures for their animals, which now faced starvation in the North. Mr. Lokpobiri pointed out that nomadic cattle rearing had become obsolete and this was why ranches were a necessity to provide adequate food to the cattle and forestall unnecessary clashes. He further said that with ranches, the livestock would be healthier, more productive, while the herdsmen would avoid unnecessary attacks and would also be able to give their children opportunity to be educated.

On May 30, 2016, Chief Audu Ogbe justified the decision to establish ranches across the country during the National Summit of Traditional Rulers in Nigeria. In his address at the summit the Minister said that the federal government had dropped the idea of acquiring grazing. He allayed the fears of governors who had thought that land in their states would be compulsory acquired when said that “Either way, ranches will not be established on lands extracted from communities, people have to farm in the ranches. In some parts of the North, some governors have given as much as 5,000 hectares of land, some even 10,000 hectares. Our job is to bring the right kind of crops, do the right kind of water source and provide veterinary services because some of these cows have some disease issues. We cannot afford to allow cows and human beings mix the way they are doing now. The essence is to stop the crisis. Too many people have died, there is too much violence in the land, we can’t go on like that. We can’t boast to the rest of the world that we thrive in killing each other. It is not right.”

Having decided to establish ranches the federal government announced that it was determined to disarm the herdsmen. The decision had been announced by the Agriculture Minister, Chief Ogbe in an extensive interview published in the May 4, 2016 edition of the Vanguard newspaper when he said that “The army, the police should find them wherever they are now and take the guns from them as the first step. They carry AK47s on the necks, they tie them around the bellies of the cows, they must be disarmed immediately. But since the federal government has neither established the ranches not disarmed the herdsmen the reign of terror has continued in Benue, Taraba and many other states. Instead of apologizing to the nation for such official negligence the federal government has turned round to compound the crisis by announcing the decision to drop ranches for cattle colonies. Since the volte face is based on the objection of a few powerful cattle owners the federal government has been accused of insincerity in addressing the crisis.

But the federal government is merely playing on words as there is no difference between ranches and cattle colonies. In fact, the arguments of Chief Ogbe for ranches and cattle colonies are the same. In defending the new policy, Chief Ogbe said that “The federal government is planning a programme called cattle colonies, not ranches but colonies, where at least 5000 hectares of land would be made available, adequate water and adequate pasture would be made available. We also want to stop cattle from roaming the streets, farms and other areas as they will henceforth be provided with water and adequate security by the rangers, adequate pasture milk collection and even security against rustlers to enable them live normal life. This has been successfully done in India, Ethiopia and even Brazil.” What Chief Ogbe did not say is that cattle colonies are called ranches in India, Ethiopia and Brazil!

Since the establishment of ranches is in the national interest and in the interest of cattle owners and breeders the federal government should restrain Chief Ogbe from confusing the Nigerian people with his pet project of cattle colonies. Having concluded arrangements to establish ranches the federal government should go ahead and convince the members of the Miyetti Allah to embrace the concept. This should not be a difficult assignment since the concept of ranches has been endorsed by powerful cattle owners and the patrons of Miyetti Allah. For instance, in his passionate defence of the Meyati Allah, Emir Sanusi has blamed the crisis on “failure of political authority, the cynical manipulation of ethnic identity by failed governments and the impotence of our security machinery”. More importantly, the Emir did not hesitate to declare support for all efforts to attract investment into cattle rearing. According to him, “This is global best practice. Capital is put into the development of ranches and grazing areas, herdsmen settle. Their cattle are healthier and fatter, they sell their milk products and beef, their children go to school and they are economically much better off. This is what we all want.”

The federal government should immediately enter into dialogue with the patrons and leaders of the Miyetti Allah to work out the logistics for establishing ranches in the states with large scale livestock. It has to be made abundantly clear to the members of the Miyetti Allah that the freedom of movement of herdsmen and their cattle is circumscribed by the rights of farmers to life and property. Furthermore, that no one is authorized to bear weapons and that the killing of any unarmed person in any part of the country is punishable with death. However, not a few people have questioned the wisdom in involving the federal government in the establishment of ranches. But Chief Ogbe has stoutly defended the involvement of the federal government in the establishment of ranches when he said that, “We have spent money on cocoa, rice, groundnut, we have spent money on tomato and other fruits, palm oil, we are doing researches on these and nobody has really done much for the herdsmen and we have forgotten.”

However, until the Miyetti Allah recently announced that it had decided to launch reprisal attacks in Benue and other states wherever the Fulani people are attacked the federal government had given the impression that the armed herdsmen were nationals of Senegal, Mali, Niger and Libya. But whether the herdsmen are Nigerians or foreigners it is indisputable, as Professor Biodun Jeyifo has observed, that this is the first time in the history of Nigeria that any armed group has been allowed to possess arms and ammunition and attack law abiding citizens without any challenge from the neo-colonial State. Of course, the Buhari regime is right in saying that the herdsmen were not disarmed by previous regimes. But having crushed other armed groups in the country the Buhari administration cannot justify the decision to treat the armed herdsmen like sacred cows.

Therefore, it is high time the armed herdsmen were disarmed by the federal government. At the same time, the much-delayed ranches should be established while all feuding communities are reconciled. With ranches and abattoirs established in a few states, meat would be prepared in large scale and distributed throughout the country and possibly exported. That is what has been done in Botswana which is the largest producer and exporter of meat in Africa. That southern African country of 2.2 million people with a cattle population of over 3 million has successfully stopped violent clashes between farmers and cattle herdsmen. Once ranches and abattoirs are established in Nigeria, all controversial anti-grazing laws would become spent while Governor Ayo Fayose would not have any basis to risk the lives of the hunters in Ekiti state by mobilizing and equipping them with local guns to confront AK 47-bearing herdsmen!


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A Nigerian man, Chidimma Amedu, has married a woman who responded six days earlier to his unusual online post calling for marriage applicants, BBC has reported.
The couple married four days after they met physically for the first time.
Mr. Amedu took to his Facebook page on December 30, 2017 to announce that he was of age and ready to settle down on January 6 asking any woman interested in being his wife to reply.
“Am of age to and I am ready to say I do and am wasting no time. Send in your applications – the most qualified will be married on January 6, 2018. Application closes 12 midnight, 31/12/2017,” he posted.
“Am serious about this oh and don’t say you did not see it on time. Good luck,” he added.
He told BBC that he received a couple of responses, but one from a certain Sophy Ijeoma (who thought it was a joke and she simply replied to keep the thread flowing), was the one which caught his attention.
“Am interested, just DM me…lols,” her post read.
He disclosed that two days after their first conversation, he travelled from his home in Abuja to Enugu where she lived.
She had been waiting for him outside a retail store and in true fairy-tale style, “it was love at first sight. He is the most handsome man I’ve ever met and I liked him instantly,” she said.

After two hours of “awkward” conversation, he asked her to go and meet his uncle, who incidentally is also resident in Enugu.
Asked what was going through her mind at the time, she said she thought it was all a bit of a joke, but she was excited about it and thought Chidimma was quite an interesting character.
“We got to the uncle’s house and he said: ‘Uncle, meet the woman I want to marry.'”
Like Chidimma, his family don’t seem to ‘hang about’ when it comes to getting things done, because the uncle gave his approval.
Although she would not comment on whether they had even shared as much as a kiss at that point, Sophy realised that it was beginning to dawn on her that this fellow was not playing, adding that she was captivated by how focused and determined her new fiancé was.
“When I saw him for the first time, I definitely found him attractive, but what I didn’t know was how serious he was about marrying me. It was after we met the uncle and his wife, that I realised that this could actually happen and I wanted it,” she said.
She became worried about how she was going to get the approval of her family to marry a guy, “she had just met on Facebook.”
But they had momentum going for them.

Having met and fallen in love at first sight, or first message, if you like, and getting Chidimma’s uncle’s approval, the couple decided to complete the cycle by visiting Sophy’s family the same day.
Sophy recounted how she relayed the information to her mother.

Her dad had passed away, and her mum said she did not have the final word in terms of giving approval for her to be married, so it was up to Sophy’s elder brother to give his blessings.
It would appear the odds were firmly in their favour as Sophy’s brother gave his blessings too.
So after a few questions from her brother, it was official – Chidimma and Sophy were engaged to be married in six days.
Mr. Amedu explained that he was formerly engaged to another woman and the wedding was scheduled for December, but the relationship fell apart in March leaving him dejected.
He added that the disappointment of not being able to fulfil his dream of getting married made him put up the post as December approached.
“I had the desire to get married, I had a date in mind, but no bride, so I decided to place an advert as a joke, but I was open and up for it”, he said.
Asked whether she knew about his earlier engagement and her thoughts on how this seemingly rushed marriage might be seen as a rebound, Sophy dismissed any suggestions that her relationship was not well thought through.
“I don’t care about that – when you see what you want, you go for it,” she said.
They had been friends on Facebook for more than a year, but had never met or spoken to each other until the advert.
“Am interested, just DM me…lols” was all it took for the union to be formed.
Sophy admitted her friends were sceptical about the whole thing, while some are still in disbelief, but as she said: “When you see the one, you will know he is the one”.
They got married on 6 January in a traditional Igbo ceremony, and posted photos of their wedding day on Facebook of course – to the amusement of the social media community.
The groom put up a post saying people may have thought he had been joking but he clearly wasn’t and as can be expected, there were mixed reactions, but mainly a lot of support for the couple.

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